Let’s Connect Local Digital community networks for local businesses

Increase your revenue by starting your own VIP Club

Anniversary & Birthday Clubs

Text Message and email your club members your special offers when you want to increase customers or move stock

And the best thing we automate it all for you

Birthdays clubs are a great way to increase business revenue, send out a Birthday offer in the week of the members birthday with a follow up reminder the day before or on the day and do the same for an anniversary

Follow up the day after asking how their special day went and to leave a revue on your Facebook page

Appointment Reminders

Sending a text message reminds customers they have an appointment, they have three options when they receive the text massage, Confirm, Cancel or Reschedule, if they either cancel or reschedule then you can have text message automatically sent to everyone that you may have on a waiting list there is an early appointment has just became available

The first to reply will be given that appointment by the system. Let’s Connect your business direct to your customers when you need